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New for 2019, read on…

Well following the success of the BIG ONE in December, Brian Hinchliffe was elected as the Chairman for the All Japan Martial Arts Federation UK Branch, a new website is being created for this organisation and improved communication will lead to us all knowing about more training opportunities with other member groups.

The next open Karate seminar will be on Sunday 7th April from 10;00 til 13;00 at the Whittington Village Hall Dojo. We will be covering Suparenpei Kata and Kumite techniques. The website will be up and running soon for the All Japan Martial Arts Federation and you can see what other groups are affiliated to us, where they are and what they do.

Also, remember there is a trip to Japan this September to perform at the Butokuden in Kyoto on Sunday 15th September. Ideally, you should express interest by the end of January to get your name on the list of those attending. This is an instruction from Japan and I need to update them in February.