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Delighted to have held a seminar in Bexhill again after so long. Everyone worked hard on a kata that was now to most and enjoyed the pair work that went with it.

Highlight of the evening was that Anthony performed very well and achieved 5th Dan, so congratulations there.

Looking forward to the next chance to get together.

Congratulations to everyone that attended the special seminar on knife training run by Vance and Chris on 6th November. Particular congrats to the members that have earned promotions recently. These include;

Vance - 8th Dan Kyoshi

Chris - 7th Dan Kyoshi

Adrian - 5th Dan Renshi

Vaughan - 4th Dan

And finally, well done to Thane for finally achieving brown belt...

Delighted to announce that Sensei Adrian achieved 5th Dan in Goju Ryu on completion of this June's promotion challenge. Well done, after a long time working on those kata and the bunkai. Hard work really does pay off...

Congratulations to all those that took part in the grading event at the new Hombu Dojo in Kenilworth. After all the effort and extra training, despite the lockdowns and obstacles in the way, the following Black Belt successes are particularly noted; Antara - 1st Dan, Tristan - 2nd Dan, Atilla - 3rd Dan, Marek - 4th Dan.

Grading day in the new Dojo September 2021

The new Hombu Dojo is now finally up and running, April 2021 (see the photo gallery). Invitation only just now, existing members only just now and be ready to work hard... I will contact you...

Well, the virus is with us and not going anywhere soon. So the Kenilworth Centre is closed and we're all left to train on our own. To help this, I have added a COVID-19 Training Diary sheet in the downloads. Record all your training over the weeks and we can take this into account for the next grading... along with a little physical evidence too of course... Keep safe and keep busy...

It's been a very busy few months and much has happened but the website has not been kept up to date. If you'd like to read about the 2019 Japan trip, see the report by Marek in the downloads. Another report on the Butokuden weekend in Kyoto, written by Vaughan, is available on the All Japan Martial Arts Federation UK Members website. Check that out too. You'll find this at;


So the Czech Gasshuku was a very busy week for all, with 5 full days of training in the Kadan Dojo and Tuesday evening on test cutting. We covered much of the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido syllabus, Tameshigiri practice, the full set of Seitei Jo-Jutsu Waza, Okinawan Kobudo weapons Renshu Kata for; Sai, Tonfa, Kama and Nunchaku, plus a day on Goju--Ryu Karate-Do. Congratulations to those that achieved promotion in the Iaido testing, including Marek Knapp 3rd Dan, Karel Zibar 2nd Dan, Milan Polach 2nd Kyu and Jakub Polach 3rd Kyu. Thanks to Yaro for making the Kadan Dojo available all week and a great effort by everyone involved. See a full report in the downloads section.

Well following the success of the BIG ONE in December, Brian Hinchliffe was elected as the Chairman for the All Japan Martial Arts Federation UK Branch, a new website is being created for this organisation and improved communication will lead to us all knowing about more training opportunities with other member groups.

The next open Karate seminar will be on Sunday 7th April from 10;00 til 13;00 at the Whittington Village Hall Dojo. We will be covering Suparenpei Kata and Kumite techniques. The website will be up and running soon for the All Japan Martial Arts Federation and you can see what other groups are affiliated to us, where they are and what they do.

Also, remember there is a trip to Japan this September to perform at the Butokuden in Kyoto on Sunday 15th September. Ideally, you should express interest by the end of January to get your name on the list of those attending. This is an instruction from Japan and I need to update them in February.