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Kansai Joe, the real last Samurai
Kansai Joe Okada, the real last Samurai

Frequently Asked Questions;

  • Do I need to wear anything special for training?

“When we are training, we usually wear a white karate suit. We also usually train bare foot.”

  • What age can children start training?

“Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ho Ei Juku operates as a small, friendly group on an invitation only basis with adults only, training in our dedicated dojo in Kenilworth. This is unusual compared with most 'clubs' but important for us to maintain the intensity and level of training required to achieve excellent results.”

  • Is there space in the class for me to join?

“We are not taking people into the group these days. Becoming a member of the group will require recommendation from an existing member.”

  • How much does it cost to train with the Ho Ei Juku?

“We do not have a fixed training fee.”

  • What equipment do I need to learn karate?

“Once you have a karate suit, that’s basically all you need.” 

  • What order do the belts go and how long does it take to get a black belt?

pl3746240-custom_karate_belts_martial_arts_color_belts_180cm_360cm_green_blue“The belts are; white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black.  In the downloads section you will find the Ho Ei Juku Manual. This lists the requirements for belt tests as well as a lot of other information.”

  • Are the instructors qualified coaches, first-aiders and CRB checked? 

“Yes, definitely. Safety in all respects is most important in practicing any martial art.”

  • How is Goju-Ryu Karate different to other styles? 

“Goju-Ryu has typically closer-range fighting with more grappling and throwing than most modern styles of karate. This, along with the exercises we do for power, breathing and balance, make it a very useful, all round system of self-defense.”   

  • Do I have to enter sports events to train with you?

“Goju-Ryu is not really a style that fits well with modern point-scoring sport karate as we train differently, aimed equally towards personal health and self-defense. The important thing for us is that the members train and benefit from the sessions.”

  • Are the people training with the Ho Ei Juku able to go to Japan for training?

“This is definitely a YES. We are fortunate enough to be part of the All Japan Martial Arts Federation; they hold an annual event in Kyoto which we have attended on numerous occasions. We also have several very highly qualified associates in both Kyoto and Tokyo, so you can experience training in traditional Martial Arts in Japan.”