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Sunday 2nd December 2018
All Japan Martial Arts Federation – UK Branch Seminar & AGM
A Full-day Multi-Art Seminar at;
Whittington Village Hall, Langton Crescent,
Whittington, Staffordshire WS14 9LR.
From 10:00 – 16;00. Be there early enough to register and get ready.
The day includes 1 hour sessions of;
Goju Ryu Karate-Do – with Brian Hinchliffe 8th Dan Kyoshi
Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu – with Lloyd Allum Hanshi 9th Dan Menkyo Kaiden Shihan
Aikido – with Simon Ells 6th Dan Renshi (bring a Jo 4’ staff with you if possible)
Goshin Ju Jutsu – with Jason Fitzpatrick 7th Dan Kyoshi
Toyama Ryu Iai-Do – with Mick Sheridan 8th Dan Hanshi (bring bokken too)
(with the ZNSBR-NSD-UK AGM to follow)
Training fee for the day, just £15 payable at the door. There will be a break for lunch and water can be provided. Please bring anything else you might need.

Main events in May are as follows;

13th May, Whittington Dojo from 10;00, a 5-hour session on Iai-jutsu, Samurai swordsmanship, including the complete Omori-Ryu set and the 10-form set of Tachi-uchi no Kurai pairwork, all in in Shimomura-ha style. And we are also planning to do some Tameshi-giri - test cutting.

20th May, Westfield Dojo in Sussex, a 3-hour Karate session from 13;30, covering the whole syllabus for Goju Ryu Karate from beginner to Black Belt; Kihon, Kata, Kumite. Great revision, or an intensive insight into things to come...

After our last event being postponed due to snow... we're looking forward to a great seminar session on Sunday 29th April from 10;00. Topics will be based around Seiunchin Kata and both Kyu grade and Dan grade versions of the 10 one-step routines. Hope to see you there...

So our Czech visitors have been and gone... so long planning and over so quickly. Big thanks to Sensei Vance and Sensei Chris for running a successful  event in Sussex and congratulations to all the members that achieved promotion over that weekend. These included; Adrian Jones 4th Dan Karate, Tom Stone 4th Dan Iaido, Vaughan Smith 3rd Dan Karate, Marek Knapp 3rd Dan Karate and 2nd Dan Iaido, Karel Zibar 2nd Dan Karate and Atilla Emin 2nd Dan Karate. Also thank you to Hanshi Mick Sheridan 8th Dan Head of the All Japan Martial Arts Federation for attending the Friday evening session in Kenilworth.

The guys that run our karate and iaido classes in the Czech Republic, Sensei Marek and Sensei Karel, will be visiting the UK for a few days in September. Please attend the usual Friday evening session in Kenilworth to meet them on 22nd September. There is also a seminar taking place in Battle Sports Centre, near Hastings, on Sunday 24th September, with Sensei Vance and Sensei Chris. This will be a great chance to meet other members and associates of the Ho Ei Juku, so please ask for details if you are able to support this event.

Dear members, please note that our last training session of July is on Friday 28th, then we will be closed until Friday 8th September. There will be a 4-hour session in Whittington on 13th August if you are around. Otherwise, have a good summer break and see you all in a few weeks...

Just writing to confirm that our last training session for 2016 will be on Friday 16th December, then back to it again on Friday 6th January 2017. Many thanks for all the support during 2016. Wishing all our members a merry Christmas and very happy New Year.

Well we're all back safely from this year's 25th Anniversary Martial Arts Festival in Kyoto and all the training and sightseeing done in Nagoya, Kyoto, Himeji, Osaka and around the Kyoto area. The Ho Ei Juku demonstration went down a treat with iaido and karate performed at the famous Butokuden in Kyoto. Massive thanks to Nakano Sensei, Izumi Sensei, Tada Kancho, Kawano Kancho and Uchiyama Hanshi for all they did. We met so many great people and already can't wait for the next chance to go to Japan...