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Wanted to let everyone know I've just had a great week training every evening with the Goshinkan Karate group under Sensei Chris in Yorkshire. Thanks to all for making me so welcome and look forward to the next time.

Yes, you read that right. The World Karate Federation has announced plans to put Karate alongside a few 'other sports' for possible inclusion in the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. Well we are not a sport-based group but if it brings the Art int othe public eye, this must be a good thing. Suggested categories are individual Kata and Kumite for men and women, with 3 sections for each. Watch this space.

Please remember that Sensei Brian Hinchliffe will be in Japan again for a while in September and classes will be held by Sempai Adrian and Sempai Atilla. Anyone wanting a postcard from Japan, don't forget to put your address on a piece of paper and bring it on Friday 4th September, the first night back after the summer break.