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The All Japan Martial Arts Federation

Butokuden“Is an international martial arts federation dedicated to the promotion and preservation of traditional Japanese and Okinawan budo and bujutsu throughout the world”

 History: The All Japan Martial Arts Federation (Zen Nippon Sogo Budo Renmei, or ZNSBR for short), serves as a centre for the preservation and study of the Japanese martial arts, both classical koryu bugei and modern gendai budo. It was founded in 1952 by Suzuki Masafumi with support from the Imperial House. The Headquarters dojo is located in Kyoto, Kansai region, on the main Japanese Island of Honshu.

Masafumi Suzuki Kancho: Suzuki Masafumi was a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Japanese budo. His knowledge was both broad and deep. The grades he held were reflective of this knowledge, and included: 10th dan in goju Ryu karate Do, 9th dan in Jujutsu (yawara style), 8th dan in kendo, 8th dan in iaido, and 5th dan in judo. Suzuki-hanshi’s teachers included such illuminaries as Miyagi Chojun, Miyazato Ei’ichi, Shimabuku Tatsuo, and Toyama Kanken.

Upon the founding of the ZNSBR, it was common to have the opportunity to train with many notable teachers. The Hombu (Headquarters) was located in the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto. It was officially opened by its Founder Suzuki Masafumi, who served as its kaiso-seki [founding member]. At its opening, the ZNSBR was considered one of the world’s biggest budo academies. Within its walls were taught Okinawan Goju Ryu Karatedo, Okinawan kobudo, Kodokan Judo, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu iaido, Kendo, Aikido, Ju jutsu, Naginata Do, and Jukendo.

Current Leadership and Vision: After Suzuki Sensei passed away in 1991, leadership in the form of the presidency was passed to Kawano Yasuo, Suzuki sensei's designated successor.  Kawano sensei began his study of Goju Ryu Karate directly under Suzuki sensei in 1958 at the ZNSBR-Nippon Seibukan Dojo of Kyoto when it was located on the grounds of the Shimogamo Shrine.  The modern Nippon Seibukan Hombu under Kawano Hanshi is headquartered at the Zuirin-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan, and regularly utilizes the Butokuden for special training, as well as attending special events and demonstrations.  The organisation has now also re-established itself in other parts of the world as the Zen Nippon Sogo Budo Renmei – Nippon Seibukan Dojo of Kyoto (ZNSBR-NSD).

Membership: The ZNSBR-UK offers membership for any traditional Japanese and Okinawan martial arts practitioner who is interested in joining the UK Branch and participating in events and networking with like-minded practitioners. Full Membership includes the benefit of Japanese rank recognition and opportunities for advancement in a highly respected Japanese federation.

Membership of the ZNSBR-UK is open to all safe and committed practitioners of the Japanese, and Okinawan, martial arts and we are currently seeking individuals, clubs and associations related to the following martial arts to join us in sharing understanding, knowledge and a desire to develop further Japanese martial arts within the United Kingdom.

Arts associated with the ZNSBR are as follows –

  • Karate: Empty-hand Arts of Okinawa and Japan (including Okinawan Kobudo)
  • Jujutsu: Self-protection arts of traditional Japanese lineage
  • Goshinjutsu: Modern self-defense arts of Japanese derivation
  • Judo: Traditional Kodokan Judo as founded by Jigoro Kano
  • Aikido: Traditional Aikido styles descended from Morihei Ueshiba
  • Kendo: Kendo as defined by the All Japan Kendo Federation
  • Iaido: Traditional sword arts focusing on drawing techniques
  • Kobudo: Classical Japanese arts for example Kenjutsu, Naginatajutsu, etc.

Benefits: First and foremost, membership within the ZNSBR-UK is purely to preserve and teach the traditional martial arts of Japan, welcoming all like-minded people who seek to foster the spirit, fellowship and understanding of true Budo; “The Essence of any Martial Art”. The ZNSBR-UK should be viewed as a parallel federation to that of your own organisation or club. We seek to broaden the understanding, practice and proficiency in the traditional arts of Japan. The UK branch is already active with courses, held every three to four months, at which different martial arts are taught and enjoyed by students and instructors from a variety of backgrounds. Why not come and join us and experience the benefits involvement in the ZNSBR-UK can create in terms of the development of your martial arts practice?

The United Kingdom Branch has, since 2011 sent delegations to Kyoto at least every 2 years, to practice with the Masters in Japan and meet people from all over the world who support Japanese martial arts. The ZNSBR-UK operates as a not for profit organisation and any monies received are reinvested to support the development of Japanese martial arts in the United Kingdom. The ZNSBR-UK is a member organization of the Zen Nihon Sogo Budo (All Japan Complete Martial Arts Federation), located in Kyoto, Japan and has a number of affiliated dojo across the UK.

Quotes from current members:

  • “Membership of the ZNSBR-UK has allowed me to travel to Japan and practice with some great practitioners of Japanese martial arts. I am very lucky and privileged to have had this experience.”
  • “Not only did it allow me to visit Japan. I was also involved in demonstrating my Art in the legendary Butokuden in the heart of Kyoto. Thanks to the ZNSBR-UK for an experience I will never forget.”
  • “I experienced a weekend of various marital arts at the Budo centre in Kyoto, I also got the opportunity to train in a Japanese dojo.  I experienced many of the traditional cultures whilst in Kyoto; tea ceremony, food, language and of course shopping” I will certainly be returning again.

Contact us: To find out more about memberships, benefits and development of your martial arts experience contact Brian Hinchliffe, the Chairman of the UK Branch and senior representative of the All Japan Martial Arts Federation in the United Kingdom through the website at;

  •           Chairman for UK       -  Brian Hinchliffe 8th Dan Kyoshi
  •           Secretary for UK        -  Chris Finney 6th Dan Renshi
  •           Treasurer for UK       -  Michael Sheridan 8th Dan Hanshi
  •           Head of Karate          -  Brian Hinchliffe 8th Dan Kyoshi
  •           Head of Aikido           -  Terry Bayliss 8th Dan Hanshi
  •           Head of Ju Jitsu          -  Lloyd Allum 9th Dan Hanshi
  •           Head of Aiki Jitsu       -  Brian Rogers 8th Dan Hanshi
  •           Head of Iaido             -  Brian Hinchliffe 6th Dan Renshi
  •           Head of Goshin Jitsu -  Jason Fitzpatrick 7th Dan Kyoshi